Established as a private company in the Philippines to be the Major Organization that manages and produce various Mineral Products from
acquired Philippine Mining Corporations with approved MINERAL PRODUCTION SHARING AGREEMENT (MPSA) of 25 years expiration –
renewable for another 25 years, or other Mining Licenses awarded by the Philippine Government for Minerals Production and Processing.
EURO-PACIFIC MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION also engages in detail in the businesses of the following:


  • To prospect for, conduct Geological, Geophysical and all kinds of Exploration Work, Mine, Extract, Dig, and Drill for, Exploit, Produce,
    Purchase or otherwise apply

  • To acquire and own concessions on any and all kinds of MINERALS of whatever nature; to Refine, Treat, Reduce, Distill, Manufacture,
    Prepare for Market, Buy, Sell, Import, Export, Transport and otherwise deal in MINERALS of whatever nature, their Products,
    Compounds and Derivatives

  • To engage generally, as may be permitted by Law, in the Business of, and Invest in, Mining, Contracting, Servicing and Exploring any


1.        To purchase, acquire, own, lease, sell and convey Real Properties such as Lands, Buildings, Factories and Warehouses and
Machineries, Equipment and other Personal Properties as may be necessary or incidental to the conduct of the Corporate Business, and to
pay in cash, shares of its capital stock, debentures and other evidences of indebtedness, or other securities, as may be deemed expedient,
for any business or property acquired by the corporation;

2.        To borrow or raise money necessary to meet the financial requirements of its business by the issuance of Bonds, Promissory Notes,
and other evidences of Indebtedness, and to secure the re-payment thereof by Mortgage, Pledge, Deed of Trust or Lieu upon the properties of
the Corporation or to issue pursuant to Law Shares of its Capital Stock, Debentures and other evidences of Indebtedness in payment for
properties acquired by the Corporation or for money borrowed in the prosecution of its Lawful Business;

3.        To invest and deal with the money and properties of the Corporation in such manner as may from time to time be considered wise or
expedient for the advancement of its interests and to sell, dispose of or transfer the business, properties and goodwill of the Corporation or
any part thereof for such consideration and under such terms as it shall see fit to accept;

4.        To aid in any manner any Corporation, Association, or Trust Estate, Domestic or Foreign, or any Firm or Individual, any Shares of Stock
in which or any Bonds, Debentures, Notes, Securities, evidences of Indebtedness, Contracts, or Obligations of which are held by or for this
Corporation, directly or indirectly or through other Corporations or otherwise;

5.        To enter into any Lawful Arrangement for Sharing Profits, Union of Interest, Unitization or Farm-Out Agreement, Reciprocal Concession,
or Corporation, with any Corporation, Association, Partnership, Syndicate, Entity, Person or Government, Municipal or Public Authority,
Domestic or Foreign, in the carrying on of any business or transaction deemed necessary, convenient or incidental to carrying out any of the
purposes of this Corporation;

6.        To acquire or obtain from any Government or authority, National, Provincial, Municipal or otherwise, or any Corporation, Company or
Partnership or Person, such Charter, Contracts, Franchise, Privileges, Exemption, Licenses and Concessions as may be conducive to any of
the objects of the Corporation;

7.        To establish and operate one of more branch offices of agencies and to carry on any of all of its operations and business without any
restrictions as to place or amount including the right to hold, purchase or otherwise acquire, lease, mortgage, pledge and convey or otherwise
deal in and with real and personal property anywhere within the Philippines;

8.        To conduct and transact any and all lawful business, and to do or cause to be done any one or more of the acts and things herein set
forth as its purposes, within or without the Philippines, and in any and Foreign Countries, and to do everything necessary, desirable or
incidental to the accomplishment of the purposes or exercise of any one of more of the Powers herein enumerated, or which shall at any time
appear conducive to or expedient for the protection or benefit of this Corporation.
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